[Reader-list] Post-war Reconstruction and Development in Afghanistan

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Dear All,

[The following website offers a wide ranging information on opportunities of
knowing and contributing for "Post-war Reconstruction and Development in
Afghanistan". You can learn about development opportunities and challenges,
contribute information and knowledge resources, become member and
participate in discussions. There are news and events section. Get involved
in re-construction efforts, discussions, suggestions, intellectual input and
others. ZFA]



What is this Focus about?
This Development Focus is about the process of rebuilding Afghanistan after
more than 20 years of wars and chaos which will be starting with the
formation of a new broad-based Government in Kabul expected in early 2002.
This Focus will concentrate on issues of post-conflict reconstruction and
socio-economic development covering other issues only as needed for
background information.

What is the mission of this Development Focus?
This Development Focus is dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of
reconstruction and development in Afghanistan to the development community
in the broad sense. Our aim is to make relevant information and other
related resources more readily available to those who need them.

What are the key issues and areas this Focus highlights?
As a starting point we identified the following issues. Other content is
welcome but postings on these areas will receive more attention on the page:
About Afghanistan, Aid Coordination, Empowering Afghan Women, Governance and
Institutions, Humanitarian Relief, International Experience, Poverty,
Terrorism and Peace, Public-Private Partnerships, Rebuilding Infrastructure,
Reconstruction Strategy, Reporting the Story, Role of Islam, Social
Development, Take Action!, Photo Gallery, News Sources. Your thoughts about
what should be added to this list or removed from it are welcome. Write to
the editor at the e-mail address opetrov at worldbank.org.

What will this Focus do for me?
This Focus will provide you with the latest news, events, project
information, statistics, useful web links and other knowledge resources as
well give you an opportunity to engage in current discussions on the hottest
issues related to post-war reconstruction and development in Afghanistan.
You will be able to find colleagues from partner organizations and build new
organizational partnerships through this Focus page. You can post your
announcements, requests and news on the Bulletin Board, share your reports
and best practices with others interested in this topic. Let us know if we
can help you in any other way! Send us an email at opetrov at worldbank.org

Who is this Focus for?
All who share our professional or educational interest in Post-War
Reconstruction and Development in Afghanistan are welcome to join us. You
might work or study at a university, a humanitarian relief NGO or at a donor
agency. Or you might be in need of a quick answer to a tough question or
would like to voice your opinion to a broader audience.

How can I contribute?
Content that is unavailable or cannot easily be found on the web is
particularly welcome - in English, French, Spanish, Russian or Portuguese.
Apart from linking to existing web pages, you can upload files in Word, PDF
(Acrobat), Excel, PowerPoint and other formats to the Gateway. Be sure that
you are not infringing any copyright restrictions. In other words, if you
are not the author or publisher, please obtain their permission before
posting their content on the Gateway.

Please contact us at opetrov at worldbank.org!

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