[Reader-list] Iftar Party

zamrooda zamrooda at sarai.net
Mon Dec 10 16:22:18 IST 2001

Yesterday at a dinner I was innocently asked by my host- When are the iftar 
parties held?

Iftar parties? very frankly I had not heard of anything like this till the 
time I became aware of the political situation in my country. It was only 
then that I realised that rozas can and are becoming a way for politicians to 
attain gains.

The cartoon in Times of India (Delhi) this sunday could not have described 
the term Iftar party  in a better way for the common man.

Iftar for us was always a time when the family members fasting would come 
together and break open the days fast. Along with Special food, special 
attention is paid to the fasting members.

Friday is a special day for Muslims and this is one day that my mother wanted 
to go to the Darga at Nizzamudin to offer some offerings. I happened to 
accompany her this particular Friday. 

As we approached the circle near the Humayun Tomb, big boards stating Iftiar 
party pointing to wards the Tomb zoomed into vision. One could see big fancy 
cars entering the complex accompanied by security's cars. It was beyond doubt 
that this was another of the big Iftiar parties being sponsored by a big man 
of the city.

The Darga was packed with all kinds of food stalls. The aroma of the food was 
overwhelming. Each person was waiting for the gong which will be the signal 
for people to break their fast.

Inside the Darga people of different classes were gathered together to break 
the fast. Trays laden with food were being circulated around the Darga. the 
Khadims who would normally hound the people visiting the Darga were today 
seen serving .No questions asked. All were welcomed.

The siren went off and the fast was broken. Soon after Azan calling people 
for Nimaaz was heard. Prayers were offered collectively. As the prayers were 
being workers of the Darga silently cleaned the place clean of all the left 
overs. As soon as people got over with their prayers the Quawwalis for the 
evening took over the buzz of the Darga. Slowly people left for their houses.

As we approached our car to go to our recluse one noticed a chaos at the 
entrance.  A mammoth sized car with people in white khaadi was trying to 
reverse. No doubt they had come to the wrong venue.   

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