[Reader-list] Re: Sagnik's complaint about NET

pratap pandey pnanpin at yahoo.co.in
Mon Dec 10 23:54:18 IST 2001

Hey Sagnik,

It is such an easy exam. All you got to do is get your
literature basics clear. Read your history of
literature. Read your history. Read your theory.

Your complaint is such a common one nowadays that your
write-up made me feel sick, and not a little
depressed. You are an intelligent person. So, don't
use shit like "survival of the fittest" rhetoric to
justofy your anxiety about the exam, which I hink
hides a deeper trauma: your unbelief that you didn't
do your lit. courses well.

I'll tell you what I like about the NET Exam. It
requires you to know your subject. You know, you
should sit outside the IIT-JEE exam centres and
protest. Your slogan should be: knowledge is not a
niche. You should definitely sit on a fast unto death
outside the subject-GRE test centre. Here, your slogan
should be: hey, you didn't let me in!

Relax, man. Go work. I passed the NET the first time.
It was a piece of cake. I slogged for it. Have you?

As it is, there are a lot of asshole lecturers who get
university and college jobs because they have
connections. This exam is a deterrant to university
and college mafiosos ruling the roost. You want to put
an end to one (very weak, in my opinion) objective
criterion that tests the students aptitude towards the
subject? You want mistaken-modern India to rule the
roost in Indian universities? You want a rash of phone
calls from cabinet ministers to university VCs? You
want knowledge to die in the name of a mistaken
radicalism like yours?

Tell you what. You are not only a Sagnik but also a
chakravarty, and therefore at least a third-generation
literate. Why don't you pay me Rs 300 per session? In
4 months of 3 sessions per week, I will make you
NET-compatible. Alternatively, you could get to grips
abour your subject. I know you are an intellectual.
But the world over, intellectuals crack exams like the
Net. Why don't you study, instead of complaining?

pratap pandey.

bokachoda bangaali aantale, talk to me at
pnanpin at yahoo.co.in  


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