[Reader-list] apologies to all

pratap pandey pnanpin at yahoo.co.in
Tue Dec 11 11:22:36 IST 2001

Dear all,
Yesterday I read a posting from Sagnik C on NET. I
replied to the posting. Today, on reading what I
wrote, I am completely horrified.

My response is needlessly high-minded, badly farcical.
I seemed to have thundered down at Sagnik from a
pulpit of my own making.

The reader list is a public space. Here, there take
place discussions, not drubbings.

I therefore apologise a)to Sagnik: sorry, buddy; b)the
sarai people: sorry, I overstepped the thin line that
separates opinion from invective; and c)all
reader-list people: junk my response, please.


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