[Reader-list] Attack on Indian Parliament

Boud boud_roukema at camk.edu.pl
Thu Dec 13 18:23:51 IST 2001

Words: It seems to me that the international mainstream press
have suddenly discovered that India is the world's largest democracy:



Why? In order to claim that an attack on the symbol of democracy
justifies replacing the democracy by authoritarianism?

They don't seem to have noticed that this world's largest democracy
is about to introduce draconian legislation undermining the human rights
requirements for a democracy to be worth its name.

How "ironical".

In the Reuters article:

> No ministers or legislators were hurt in the
>  attack, which began about 11:45 a.m. (1:15 a.m.
>  EDT), soon after both houses of parliament
>  adjourned.

It was very considerate (to parliamentarians, not to security
officers) of the attackers to choose a time when parliament had
adjourned. I guess they didn't want to risk killing any members of
parliament. Hmmm...

Is this a burning of the Reichstag? It would be natural to minimise
the risks if B.J. Moonje's friends' tactic was repeated...  (Wasn't
B.J. Moonje the RSS fellow who visited Mussolini and said that fascism
was great?)

Maybe some history reminders are needed.

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