[Reader-list] changing msgs

Pradip Saha prosaha at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 20 12:42:36 IST 2001

i had to take photographs of grafitti of informal sex clinics in delhi, who 
claim to cure all kinds of stds and other problems related to sexual 
activities. i thought it was an easy job. i remember seeing all these 
advertisements all over the city walls. but i was dissapointed. barring a 
few ads on "madrasi" piles clinics, i could not find much. an obvious place 
was the public urinals. there was nothing even there. all the sex clinics 
ads have been replaced by "learn english in 45 days" ads. i was looking for 
seedy abortion clinic ads in the streetlight poles. they have been replaced 
by"internet: 35 for an hour" ads.  changing times?

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