[Reader-list] Women in Black lay down in front of tanks in Ramallah

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Sunday, December 23, 2001

Women in Black lay down in front of tanks in Ramallah


Stopping the tanks rolling in Ramallah

Yesterday Women in Black from the UK removed one of the Israeli
roadblocks which prevent Palestinian villagers going to work. The day
before they lay down in front of Israeli tanks rolling down the streets of
Ramallah in the West Bank, to draw attention to the 800 Palestinians
killed by Israeli troops during the last year and the occupation of
Palestinian land. The tanks stopped at the last minute, after firing shots
the air.

The action was part of a programme of events organised by an
International Solidarity Movement over the last two weeks of 2001 in
Palestine. More than 120 people are taking part, including Women in
Black and Palestine Solidarity Campaign members from the UK, Women
in Black from Italy, American Jewish Unity, and Palestinian and Israeli
peace organisations.

The group met with Yasser Arafat after the 'die in', and are planning more
road block removals and other forms of non-violent direct action, including

a peace march through Bethlehem on Christmas Day and a peace vigil
on December 28th. Eighty countries are already committed to joining in
the vigil, called by the Coalition of Women for a Just Peace in Israel.

Women in Black in London will be holding a silent vigil calling for an end
to the occupation of Palestine and a just peace on Friday December 28th
from 6-7pm at the statue of Edith Cavell in St Martin's Place WC2,
opposite the National Portrait Gallery.

Women in Black vigils will also be held weekly on every Wednesday in
January at the same place, from 6-7pm. 'Women are welcome to join
these silent vigils. Women in Black is an international network of women
against violence and war.

For more information/pictures, call Sue Finch on 020 8806 1333 or email
suefinch at netcomuk.co.uk

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