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> Introduction:
> After they discovered that the anarchists and like minded people
> do not stop the struggle because of September the 11th - 9.11
> and especially as the anarchists and others of the region anounced
> the Wef meeting as a project, they could not left the scene for our
> Following the sample of our calls is a description
> of their, which of course does not mention the
> organization under way of our people. (Nor does it
> give our people the credit for the previous struggles
> against the WEF in Swisserland that forced it to move
> to NY.)
> (en) Endorse the Anti-Capitalist Call for WEF Protests
> http://www.ainfos.ca/01/nov/ainfos00506.html
> (en) US, GLOBALIZING JUSTICE: A Call for a National Student Mobilization
Against the WEF
>  http://www.ainfos.ca/01/dec/ainfos00281.html
> (en) US, NY + Washington + [pga] WEF call to Action - list of endorsers.
>  http://www.ainfos.ca/01/dec/ainfos00201.html
> Nali
> Their text:
> Movement gears up for New York Tycoons to meet on Feb. 2 amid swirl of
> Transporting more bankers and industrialists to Manhattan is like
> hauling coals to Newcastle. But the annual meeting of the World
> Economic Forum will draw 1,000 financial, corporate and media
> magnates, and a bevy of heads of state to the luxurious
> Waldorf-Astoria Hotel here on Jan. 31-Feb. 5.
> And a storm of protest is gathering to confront them.
> The WEF is a giant annual think tank to discuss, promote and plan
> capitalist expansion worldwide. The 1,000 corporations that fund
> the forum read like a Who's Who of big business.
> "Annual Meeting Partners" include American Airlines, Deutsche
> Bank, Lehman Brothers, Mastercard International, Morgan Stanley,
> Nestle, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Sara Lee Corporation and Unilever.
> "Strategic Partners" include Audi, The Boeing Corporation, Cisco
> Systems, The Coca Cola Company, Compaq Computer Corporation,
> Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Investcorp, Merck,
> Merrill Lynch, Microsoft Corporation, PricewaterhouseCoopers,
> Reuters, Sun Microsystems and Volkswagen.
> For 30 years these WEF tycoons and their political and academic
> hangers-on met in Davos, Switzerland--the highest city in
> Europe--a posh, picturesque ski resort perched atop the Swiss
> Alps. And every year, this elite group tried to hold a quiet,
> respectable meeting in which they could discuss the forward thrust
> of capitalist globalization.
> What better base from which to discuss such an unpopular subject
> than Davos, which is a tactical nightmare for those who oppose
> capitalism and its twin crimes of wealth and poverty. One single
> road leads up to the mountain resort. But annually dissenters
> still made their way into the high, thin altitude of wealth, power
> and privilege.
> Last year, 3,000 police and army troops sealed off the ski resort
> tighter than a steel drum. Every access to the mountain was cut
> off. Pre-emptive deportations and arrests, suspended train
> service, police checkpoints, steel gates, helicopters, water
> cannons, bales of barbed wire, tear gas, truncheons,
> computer-coded badges--all the weapons of repression were securely
> in place.
> But all the king's horses and men--and a heavy snowstorm--couldn't
> silence the voices of anti-capitalist activists. Protests erupted
> in Davos and in Zurich and other cities in which activists were
> stranded. Hundreds appeared in Davos and managed to get within 500
> yards of the Congress Center where the WEF meeting was underway.
> Many held signs that read: "Justice, not profits!"
> The hundreds of protesters who made their way through all the
> obstacles set up to keep them away from the WEF delivered their
> message loudly and clearly to the tony crowd in black tie that
> nervously sipped Moet-Chandon Champagne at a late-night soiree in
> the Congress Center last year.
> This year they'd like to avoid the voices and demands of
> protesters. And so after 30 years these barons of banking and
> industry are making their way down the mountain to meet on the
> island of Manhattan.
> New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and New York State Gov.
> George Pataki welcome the moguls. They've both told the media this
> is a show of support and confidence in the city after the Sept. 11
> disaster in the heart of the financial center.
> Professor Klaus Schwab, president of the WEF, says they'll have
> "Davos in New York." Opponents of capitalism and its global
> expansion are working hard to make Schwab's words prophetic.
> Rolling up the welcome mat
> Activist calendars are already highlighted for a mass march and
> rally to confront the WEF on Park Avenue between 49th and 50th
> Streets on Feb. 2. International ANSWER has called the midtown,
> anti-WEF demonstration.
> All across the country people of all ages and nationalities, sexes
> and genders, abilities and sexualities are organizing to catch a
> ride in a car, hop the train or a bus, or board a plane to come to
> Manhattan and raise their voices and their clenched fists.
> >From the West Coast, the San Francisco Labor Council, AFL-CIO, has
> endorsed the mass march in New York on Feb. 2.
> On Feb. 1, a teach-in will focus on U.S. war in the Middle East,
> defense of civil liberties, immigrant rights, corporate-centered
> globalization, domestic economic policies and alternative visions
> from the progressive communities. The event will take place at the
> Community Church on 35th Street between Park and Madison beginning
> at 9 a.m.
> The coalition--Act Now to Stop War and End Racism--was forged in
> the heat of impending Pentagon war and racist attacks following
> the World Trade Center tragedy on Sept. 11. The newly formed
> coalition brought more than 20,000 people from many nationalities
> and walks of life to Washington, D.C., on Sept. 29 who agreed that
> war and racism and attacks on civil liberties were not the answer
> to the 9-11 attacks. Today, ANSWER has the support of more than
> 500 organizations and prominent individuals and has scores of
> organizing centers across the country.
> And while ANSWER is organizing resistance in New York City, the
> World Social Forum plans a gathering of tens of thousands of
> people from around the world in Porto Alegre, Brazil, to discuss
> alternative visions to the WEF agenda.
> The WEF will intellectualize and philosophize its justification
> for the two fronts of the U.S. war--aggression against the people
> of Afghanistan and the Middle East and racist mass detentions and
> eradication of civil liberties in this country. Champagne corks
> will discretely pop over corporate tax cuts--welfare for the
> already well off.
> How dare they come to celebrate their victories on the battlefield
> or in the workplace in this of all cities, activists demand to
> know. They aren't welcome here, march and rally organizers make
> clear.
> The poor of this and so many other cities in the United States
> have been driven out of their jobs and homes, and off the bare
> subsistence of welfare, by the relentless drive for corporate and
> banking profits. As the rich roll into town in their stretch limos
> and BMW's, some of their economic victims may be watching the
> spectacle from the sidewalks they are forced to live on.
> "Since Sept. 11, hundreds of thousands of workers from the airline
> industry have lost their jobs," the ANSWER call reads in part.
> "Unemployment and mass layoffs are now sweeping through all
> sectors of the U.S. economy. The corporate and banking elites that
> dominate the U.S. government have crafted legislation and
> emergency aid to bail out corporate investors and insurance
> companies, while providing little assistance to working people who
> have lost their income and are now facing evictions, foreclosures
> and deepening poverty."
> The International ANSWER coalition is calling for jobs, health
> care and education. And the coalition call stresses, "Immigrants
> and those who are struggling against the corporate agenda are in
> for a double whammy as Attorney General Ashcroft curtails basic
> civil liberties and constitutional rights. Today the attacks are
> against immigrants--incarceration without charges and racial
> profiling. Tomorrow the target will be U.S. citizens, as Ashcroft
> pushes to legalize surveillance of religious and political
> groups."
> And very prominently, this anti-WEF mobilization calls for an end
> to the U.S. wars against the people of Afghanistan and the Middle
> East.
> Globalization needs an army
> What does the anti-globalization movement and anti-war forces have
> in common? Imperialism. U.S. imperialism to be more precise.
> >From the emergence of the anti-globalization movement out of the
> clouds of tear gas in Seattle in 1999, militant youth activists
> fighting against the worst corporate crimes against the workers of
> the world and the environment have found themselves
> shoulder-to-shoulder with thousands of union workers demanding the
> same kind of economic and social justice. And these many
> anti-capitalist frontline battles--from D.C. to Davos to Austria
> to Genoa--took place during a period in which the U.S. economy was
> still on an upswing, riding high on profits extracted like blood
> from the world's laboring class.
> But today's battles take place in a new political climate shaped
> by deepening world capitalist recession. The just battle against
> the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and the World Trade
> Organization is inextricably bound to the fight against U.S.
> military aggression around the world and repression at home.
> The cry of "free trade!" is in reality a demand by U.S. finance
> capital for untrammeled access to the land, labor and resources of
> the world. The aim of globalization is to break down any barriers
> that stand in the way of that goal.
> The IMF, World Bank and WTO are the vehicles. U.S. capital is
> behind the wheel. And the Pentagon rides shotgun.
> Thomas Friedman, a leading mouthpiece for U.S. imperial power,
> described that symbiotic relationship very eloquently in his March
> 28 New York Times column just four days after the start of the
> 1999 NATO bombing war against Yugoslavia.
> "For globalization to work," he wrote, "America can't be afraid to
> act like the almighty superpower that it is. The hidden hand of
> the market will never work without a hidden fist. McDonald's
> cannot flourish without McDonnell Douglas, the designer of the
> F-15, and the hidden fist that keeps the world safe for Silicon
> Valley's technology is called the United States Army, Air Force,
> Navy and Marine Corps."
> That's why the movement resisting U.S. economic domination of the
> planet must also resist its wars of aggression and intervention.
> The anti-Pentagon demands of the movement cannot be viewed as
> tacked on, as side issues.
> Pentagon terrorism in Afghanistan,
> Middle East
> The ANSWER call puts opposition to the U.S. war drive front and
> center. "Internationally, the Bush administration wages war in
> Afghanistan and encourages expanded war in Palestinian
> territories," the Feb. 2 leaflet emphasizes. "Now Bush is
> preparing the public for prolonged war in Iraq and perhaps other
> nations. The deaths of thousands of civilians in the Middle East,
> both from direct military action and the resulting refugee crisis,
> is nothing short of state-sponsored terrorism."
> As the U.S. war to win hegemony over a sea of oil in Central Asia
> appears to wind down, it becomes clearer to many in the movement
> that the U.S. "proxy" war against the Palestinians is becoming
> bloodier every day. There are no sidelines in this battle. Those
> who oppose predatory U.S. globalization must stand up against the
> war that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is waging against the
> Palestine liberation struggle with the political, military and
> economic support of the White House, Wall Street and the Pentagon.
> Arab and Muslim peoples see that the bombs that blow up
> Palestinians and their villages are made in the U.S.A. The illegal
> economic sanctions against Iraq that have taken the lives of
> hundreds of thousands are led by the United States. Pentagon
> generals take center stage in news briefings to name Somalia,
> Sudan, North Korea, the Philippines or Colombia as possible next
> targets in this "endless" war.
> The forces against the economic and social crimes of capitalism
> must meld with those who oppose its military might to achieve
> those ends.
> The inequities of the world trade system grow out of inequalities
> in the ownership of the mighty tools of production, transportation
> and communication. The answer is not going back to laissez-faire
> capitalism. That's about as possible as rolling back the clock
> from old age to teenage.
> Globalization has merely expanded the network of socialized labor.
> If the vast web of working people who built and operate the levers
> of the economy take them over, they can use them to produce what
> people need, not to enrich the good old boys who today call the
> shots at the WEF, WTO, IMF and World Bank. Ultimately, really fair
> trade depends on eradicating unfair private ownership of all that
> has been produced with collective sweat and labor.
> Globalization of a planned, socialized economy that meets the
> needs, wants and desires of the many who do the work of the world
> every day is the answer. And Feb. 2 will be a powerful effort in
> the struggle to birth that better world.
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