[Reader-list] Musings on Aftrmath of Black Tuesday

Dr. Reyhan Chaudhuri reyhanchaudhuri at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 1 13:00:18 IST 2001

Musings on the Aftermath of Black Tuesday
What I’m writing about may not be as crucial for the big picture or in terms 
of the future .As political policy/war enactment/Alliance pacts…may count 
more in long term critical measures. However smaller things get more 
important to ordinary people as they more immediately affect them by 
becoming a personal encounter in daily life.
This Racial –Profiling and Hate Violence is disheartening. Although it may 
not immediately affect us  or those sitting in India(unless there are NRI’s 
from the family/circle/neigbourhood) it does make one quite disaffected with 
the human race.
As you know communal riots/caste riots are quite rampant and spasmodic in 
the Indian subcontinent. One always gets to hear explanations that it’s the 
lower classes who indulge in them due to economics and educational levels.Or 
rather the lack of it.The ancient civilization is very much intact and the 
common civilities inherent It is just that they get submerged due to no 
reading & writing/no food stocks in the kitchen and no stable roof(read 
housing) over the head.To add to this is the horrific weather most  of the 
year…which drains your mind and body for the most trivial tasks.
However here we have America,(which most people would agree):Affluent 
atleast in the terms of basic needs of living and for minimum quality of 
life.A n absence of illiterates ,housing with uninterrupted supply of 
electricity ,flushed toilets, drinking water& constant running water from 
the taps.Entertaintment gadgets ubiquitous(eg:T.V, Music Boxes..)
,lots of airconditioned cars,heated or cooled shopping malls….Generally life 
pretty good;

Yet there were people killed &assaulted ,also plenty of other varieties of 
abuse. And if there was no curbing or cracking down it would have continued 
So does that mean unlike most primates(who are actually very moral- code 
bound and gentle, as most animal behavioural scientists tell us) Man 
contains  very primitive brutal instincts.All that talk of love& peace,the 
potential of goodness is just a thin veneer of  wispy varnish.The deep 
genuine emotions are actually really negative.
It actually has nothing to do with under- development or backward Asians or 
Some serious investigation ought to be done on this malignant matter.
Yours Sincerrely,

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