[Reader-list] ms. arundhati roy's article

Boud Roukema boud_roukema at camk.edu.pl
Tue Oct 2 17:41:08 IST 2001

On 2 Oct 2001 PATRICK.LAMENTINI at diplomatie.gouv.fr wrote:

> I have read with gret interest Ms Arundhati Roy 'article,The Algebra Of 
> Infinite Justice, and would like to circulate it
> unfortunately the copy which has reached me is distorted and difficult to 
> read
> could you tell me if this has been published in a paper which could be 
> reached electronically, or send me a fresh copy please

Cher Patrick,
   We appreciate your courage in participating in a non-hierarchical,
threaded, archived, discussion list! Que le ministère des affaires
étrangères choissise de défendre les droits humains plutôt que de s'y

Here is a copy of Ms Roy's article:


But as I'm sure you have very good web access, you really should 
start thoroughly reading the documents at:


In France there is hypocritical confusion about Chomsky, so feel free
to read all the articles, but excluding the ones by Chomsky - Chomsky
is not a god, so ignore Chomsky and you'll still find lots of useful

Et tu trouveras plein d'infos utiles sur l'asie occidentale (« moyen 
orient ») ici :


Bonne lecture!

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