[Reader-list] Some solidarity ideas apart from head scarf day

Jo and Tarun jotarun at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Oct 5 18:35:20 IST 2001

I was pretty taken in by the Head Scarf Day idea, and am suggesting some more for your comradely/sisterly and all the lys consideration

1. Ghoonghat day - all of us put on ghoonghat as it is about purity and shame for hindu woman

2. Woman not out in market day - solidarity with women whose proper place is home

3. Arranged marriage day - This is what easterners are supposed to do

4. Upper caste not touching the lower caste day - Caste system is the corner stone of Hinduism

5. Man never cooks (every)day- to show solidarity with the traditional men who feel alienated from the new(?) man

6. Moral Police day - we hit every woman/man whose morals we don't like, with a stick, 1 feet 11 inches long.

7. Sacred Thread day - All of us wear sacred thread except for non-brahmins, women, non-hindus, and proclaim the sacred duties of Brahmin to legislate for the whole world

8.. Liberal hearts bleeding day - we go along with everything oppressive only because they are non-western or traditional or anti-secular or anti modern or anti-american

If luther blisset is reading this, then mr. blisset your idea of having no hizab day is completely stupid and reactionary, prepare for intellectual siberia for this radical crime. 

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