[Reader-list] .*.s.*.c.*.ream.*.i.*.n.*.g.*.

][c.o.!.a.x.(ing)][ netwurker at pop.hotkey.net.au
Mon Oct 8 07:09:35 IST 2001

.*.		 .*.s.*.c.*.ream.*.i.*.n.*.g.*.
.*.m.ask][me][: ][s][c][r][a][tch][r doors aqua-plane.ing
.*.m.as][jid][k: drummage hearts r cau][terize][ght
.*.masque.1: redneckian I][D][gnaw.ants welts .tan my flesque
.*.masqu.e][rror raid][.2: refracted ][de][bor][d][edom stench
.*.masque.2: phobia ][news][ x.posure
.*.masque.2*1: dinner in a dwell.point & syn][dicated][.][l][apses halt
.*.ma][o][sque.2*3: a banished ][com][pre][hensive][tense
.*.masque.3*4: slide pointing in2 t][wa][r.auma
.*.masque.3*3: cabl][abia][e con.duct.tor][id][s
.*.m][b][asque.1: burnt-spide][human co][r][pse][ dream ru][i][nnings
.*.basic point defense missile system::silo][xane][ strands of heated
g][ui][l][t][oat-stretches red N snapping
.*.BASIC cognitive process::beds of snailed l][ang][u][i][sh N
media][.tion][ snagging

.           .    ....         .....
.... .               .???  .......

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