[Reader-list] Ban on SIMI/arrests of students in Delhi

Shammi Nanda shammi_nanda at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 10 19:10:37 IST 2001

Sometime back a friend was commenting that the
condition of BJP was quite bad and they might loose in
the UP elections, unless there is a war. So it seems
that they have beautifully created a sense of paranoia
and are pretending as our saviours, and are tying so
hard, today some two people who were from UP and
Muslims, were arrested  near Advani's house, the
newspaper says that they have visited Saudi at some
point, one still cant figure out what their crime was
and if going to Saudi is a crime MrJaswant Singh had
gone to Kandhar and even met the Taliban
The day SIMI was banned lot of people were heard
asking- as to what is SIMI, because the goverment and
media hadn't really painted them as villains till
then, they had to their credit some protests against
the screening of film Gadar(which i personally think
was for wrong reasons but that doesn't matter at this
moment),they were arrested all over Maharashtra and
there crime was that they raised slogans, tore
posters,etc, which we have seen so many times done by
shiv sena and bajrang dal, probably it is beleived by
some people(especially Mr.Advani) that only a few
agencies have a right to do such patriotic acts.
Earlier i remember some police officer commenting
about their involvement in Coimbatore blasts, in a
news paper, had said that there is no clear evidence
but he wouldn't be SURPRISED if they are involved in
it, well in that case i wont be surprised to know that
Osama Bin Laden is still getting funding from american
The words used by News papers for the arrest of SIMI
activists were, midnight crackdown, swooped- as if
some major confrontation was expected, they also said
that some 'literature' was seized it was about an
article which the police beleived would hurt
sentiments of Buddhists, now this angle is a smart
manipulation because it will make it difficult for
samjwadi party, which has been fighting for the
muslims, to protest as they have a large base amongst
the Buddhists and if i am not wrong the ban came on a
friday, one wonders if that has any significance(was
the goverment trying to provoke violence?). 
One doesnt even know what SIMI is but one does know
what RSS, Shiv sena,BJP and bajrang dal are and how
and when their actions have led to so many riots and
their leaders are proud to have given inflamatory
speeches so many times. 
The other day i saw a full dress rehearsal or an
enactent of demolition of babri masjid in an RSS
shakha in Jaipur: There were kids running around in
khaki shorts and were basically divided in two groups,
one group was throwing mud at them and a 'guruji' was
teaching them how to throw it and other 'guruji' was
teaching the other group as to how to save themselves
by covering their heads with their hands, they had to
then climb a rope which was tied between two poles and
do a monkey walk(cross from one end to the other),
while one set of boys tried to hit them with sticks
from below(as police would do) and they had to stay up
to save themslves and keep moving. Therafter they had
to climb a wooden ladder while a  fire tender from
Fire Department was throwing a water cannon on them
and they(even I) were realising that the best way to
face it was to turn your back against it, after
down the ladder they had to run towards a bamboo pole,
and one of the guys sccesfully climbed it with a
saffron flag, fixed it on the top of the pole, while
the band(basically drums) played loudly and in a
euphoria, and some amongst them were bursting crackers
and throwing them in the air and it was falling on
some of them and the ones who were injured (burnt with
fire crackers) were casually taken to an ambulance
parked nearby and the show went on. There bodies were
all wet,they were  shouting and howling, it was real
madness and then they all sang a song, led by the
'Guruji', 'chun chun ke badala lena hai, maidanon mein
aana hai....in Mughalon se...'(thats all i remember).
One had read somewhere that Bjrang dal is also giving
arms training to its cadres. The point is that we dont
know what SIMI is but we do know what other hindu
organisations are doing and they should be banned
before the goverment even thinks of banning any other
organisation. The arrests of students in delhi was
quite expected, one wouldn't be surprised if Sarai is
also banned in a few days. If they do it one would
feel proud of it.
PS: RSS people do their job all over the country from
6.00 a.m. to 8 am when most of us are sleeping.

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