[Reader-list] demonstrations against police repression.

aditya sarkar bhochka at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Oct 10 19:20:26 IST 2001

As we know, a couple of days back several student
activists were arrested in Delhi for distributing
anti-war pamphlets. This is a clear indication that
the levels of acceptable dissent, as defined by the
Indian government, have narrowed down massively. The
students have been remanded to judicial custody till
the 17th for exercising a fundamental democratic
right, on charges of `sedition.'
In protest against this, two peace demonstrations have
been organized by various groups this week. On the
11th of October ( Thursday ) there is a protest
meeting outside the police station at ITO. The
demonstrators are to gather outside Pyare Lal Bhavan
at 10:45 am, from where the protest will move to the
police station.
On Friday, the 12th of October, there is to be another
rally, beginning at 11:30 a.m at the Mandi House
It is very important that these demonstrations are
seen to be a success, since what is at stake is the
right to freedom of expression, a right that can no
longer be taken for granted in this country. 

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