[Reader-list] Ban on SIMI/arrests of students in Delhi

hansa thapliyal hansathap1 at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 12 09:24:40 IST 2001

remembered from the ps in shammis article-
about the rss guys working when we are sleeping-
the sounds of prabhat pheris- i think they are- the morning procession- in 
bareilly- early in the morning- the cymbal and song insiduously crawling 
into your half asleep mind

also on the planting of flag- that thrilling activity which is taught as 
achievement- remember the photograpjhs on everest, on the moon-
outside bombay is the dumping ground of deonar- where much of mumbais 
garbage is dumped-
it was 1993, early in the year and two of us communication students had gone 
to take pictures for a av we were making on environmental degradation-
the landscape was such a vast waste that it took away some of the sense of 
coming to a place where the garbage of a megapolis was distributed-
ie- the garbage dumps- where one could see the differentiated garbage- the 
peel and pad and paper and plastic- were more to one side- the rest looked 
like land-
till you went closer and you saw that much of it was like a mass that had 
digested the garbage but was still bubbling with acid and suggesting innards 
of frightening viscous filth-
a grid of walkable area had been created(how? i wonder) on which barefooted 
children ran, close to where some yellow ooze was bubbling( i do not think i 
exaggerate- i myslef sank ankle deep into god knows what slush till a friend 
pulled me out.
in this place in corners were small ragged huts- and on one of those huts 
fluttering i remember seeing the shivsena orange flag-

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