[Reader-list] Osama, The high Priest (!)

rehan ansari rehanhasanansari at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 12 21:31:46 IST 2001

 Osama - the high priest!--> By: Rehan Ansari
 October 11,2001
Before the fortress like walls of a monastery in Manhattan, a Rastafarian was chanting O-sama, O-sama... Only the two desis in the lineup of tourists laughed at the sight.

The Cloisters is an unused monastery on the northern tip of Manhattan, around 200th street. It is open to the public as a park and a museum. It seems a brainchild of an American capitalist from the pages of P G Wodehouse. Buy a British castle and have it transported brick by brick to New York. It is most authentic, and together with the herb gardens, gives the feeling of Europe and old civilisation. From the heights of the monastery you can see the Hudson valley and in the other direction New York. 

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