[Reader-list] Call for Digital documentaries

Monica Narula monica at sarai.net
Mon Oct 15 17:26:29 IST 2001

>>Special programme IDFA 2001
>>23-30 november, Amsterdam
>>Whatís the impact of new, digital media on the traditional, 
>>creative documentary?
>>This year's DOCS ONLINE will raise some new questions looking at 
>>documentary filmmaking and what the effects and possibilities are 
>>when working with digital media and the internet. Starting off with 
>>a selection of interesting digital documentary projects, the 
>>International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam (IDFA) will allow 
>>space and time to exchange ideas, present work and discuss the 
>>impact of the changing infrastructure on the documentary landscape.
>>DOCS ONLINE.2 will be an inspiring platform for a broad audience; 
>>from traditional documentary-filmmakers to webaddicts, from 
>>researchers to producers, from students to experienced 
>>In addition to debates, presentations and ofcourse a special 
>>website, the audience can participate in discussions and meet the 
>>guests invited for this program.
>>The central issue of debate will be "The Real versus Mediated 
>>Life". Media-experiences have a big impact on the way we watch the 
>>world around us. Media have become our senses, and experiences in 
>>the 'real world'  increasingly refer to information we have already 
>>absorbed and images coming to us through media. Are there new ways 
>>of communicating documentary-stories?  How are filmmakers and their 
>>audiences reacting to CNN, docu-soaps and information overload?
>>DOCS ONLINE explores the changing nature of authorship, presents 
>>tools for documentary content  production and distribution and 
>>invites a growing online community to participate in the programme.
>>IDFA invites individuals and organisations to send in proposals for 
>>DOCS ONLINE.  Check the IDFA website for more information 
>>www.idfa.nl or email to the editors of the team:
>>Carolien Euser and Nathalie Faber info at cut-n-paste.nl
>>We are looking for online-documentary projects and filmmakers with 
>>an interesting take on the use of digital media. Organisations 
>>which explore the infrastructure of the web as a platform for 
>>documentaries are also invited to come forward. Deadline 15th of 
>>October 2001
>>During the festival the public will have permanent access to the 
>>DOCS ONLINE computers at the festivallocation 'de Balie'. There 
>>will also be possibilities in presenting 'offline works' (cd-rom, 
>>dvd).  Please send in your details, data, a description of your 
>>project (max. 10 lines), URLís and/or tapes/cdís to
>>IDFA  Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10  1017 RR Amsterdam.
>>Curators for this programme are Carolien Euser and Nathalie Faber 
>>who work together as Cut-n-Paste
>>www.cut-n-paste.nl, coordinated by Adriek Nieuwenhuijzen and Manna 
>>Nasht (production) +31 20 6273329
>>For information about DOCS ONLINE 2000 check out www.docs-online.nl
>>You can also reply answering the following questions:
>>1.	What is the documentary project? (max. 100 words)
>>  2.	Who is involved? (organizations, individuals)
>>  3.	What exactly would you show at the IDFA? (film, computer 
>>presentation, other digital formats?)
>>  4.	What will you send us by mail (tapes, cd-rom, etc.)?
>>  5.	What equipment would you need and would you bring it yourself?
>>  6.	Your URL
>>  7.	Contact person
>>  8.	Email address, postal address, telephone, and fax. Send us 
>>this information
>>email to: carolien euser <ceus at chello.nl>
Monica Narula
Sarai:The New Media Initiative
29 Rajpur Road, Delhi 110 054

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