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Jimmy Choi Kam Chuen jimmychoi_kc at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 17 01:51:27 IST 2001

Dear members of reader-list

I believe all of you like reading books and have had or will order books 
from online bookshops. I order books from Barns and Nobles, Blackwell, 
Waterstone, and Amazon. But I recently found out something from Amazon that 
will incur lose to customers if they are not careful. So read on if you 
don't want to lose money and time.

I ordered a book through Amazon in July from one of its Zshop --- Jordty. 
Payment was made through my Amazon account and I received an e-mail telling 
me that the seller will send out the book on 22-Jul and asked me to give 8 
weeks for delivery. I can email the seller after 14-Sep if I still don't 
receive it. I followed their instruction and e-mailed the seller after 
14-Sep. I also gave them a few days to check the shipment and emailed again 
on 29-Sept cc to Amazon payment office. I received no reply from the seller 
but an auto-reply from Amazon payment office telling me to contact the 
seller directly. I told them I did that twice and what they have received is 
just a copy. I told them they have the means and obligation to contact the 
seller since I only have the seller's email address there is nothing I can 
do if they prefer not to respond.  I was told to contact the buyer's support 
office of Amazon which just felt sorry that they can do  nothing I had 
missed the deadline for refund which is 30 to 60 days after the shipment. I 
e-mailed them that they were not answering my question. I never asked for 
refund which they should seriously consider but to check the seller and see 
if any fraud involved. I told them to address my question again and stop 
this seller from swindling Amazon's clients otherwise I will stop using 

Lessons to learn : you must be very careful doing business with Amazon 
because they are either unprofessional or they did it with a purpose.

1.The 30 to 60 days refund deadline was never brought up in all the email 
exchanges including the first one which acknowledged my order. It might have 
appeared in the process when I am placing the order.I am not sure.
2. Don't trust their instruction to wait for 8 weeks because that only 
leaves you four days before the deadline. Any reasonable person will give a 
few days for the seller to check the shipment and end up missing the 
3. There is a buyer support office dealing with such matter but Amazon will 
only tell you to contact the seller.

I am still waiting an answer from Amazon. I hope you guys fare better with 

Choi Kam Chuen

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