[Reader-list] weather-war reports

Jeebesh Bagchi jeebesh at sarai.net
Fri Oct 19 16:05:49 IST 2001

Has anybody noticed the new extension of the weather report aesthetic to the 
running commentaries on the present war? (especially Star TV news...)

--- A naturalised lanscape in shades of brown and dashes of white. 
An excited and at times a trimumpant anchor in front of it.
The anchor dances and waves his hand (apparently that's his job!).
"Good news" and "bad news" are distributed over the landscape---

So we now have a `naturalised aesthetics` for war commenatries. It is just 
part of a long `report` continuum. Only the background shades need to change. 

Lets wait and see how big the background canvas becomes. Or maybe some areas 
will become so much part of the landscape that they won't be worth talking 
about. Remember Grozny!

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