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[Postscript by Jim Keith [in ELF & GWEN]

"Last week the buzzing happened again, so loud yet so easily dismissed 
against the background of city noise. How could I prove to myself that it 
was not simply just coming from my head, could I possibly have the rare 
hearing condition, tinnitus, which causes ringing in the ears? I remembered 
a Mr. Science experiment where the electromagnetic transparency of various 
substances was being demonstrated. A portable radio was placed into a wooden 
box. 'Hear that? The radio is still playing, which means? That's right, wood 
is electromagnetically transparent.' The radio was imprisoned in various 
other containers to see what would happen. Then finally it was wrapped in 
aluminium foil, and fell silent. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed the tin 
foil. Pulling a three foot strip of it, I wrapped it around my head, and the 
buzzing stopped."

I have been noticing the problem of buzzing, on and off, for several 
years--particularly in the urban San Francisco Bay Area and Washington, 
D.C., area. Okay, Connie, here I am in the Appalachian Mountains and it's 
still a nuisance, and I tried wearing an aluminum foil scarf/hat, and it 
worked. The buzzing stopped. It's silent, and I can rest. I've made myself a 
stylish aluminum-foil HAT that I wear in the house, and it's very restful.

What this means is that we must retrofit our homes, to create Faraday Boxes, 
so we can resist, block and eliminate ALL ELECTRONIC signals that disrupt 
our bodies so we hear buzzing all the time. Pass it along.


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