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The Development Laboratory is pleased to announce that the Honorable
Minister for Information Technology, Dr. B. K. Chandrashekar will be
inaugurating The Development Laboratory Pavilion at BangaloreIT.com. The
Ribbon Cutting ceremony will take place at 11.30 am on November 1st, 2001,
inside Exhibition Hall 'B.'
The Development Laboratory is a common platform created by Madhyam,
Voices, Mahiti.Org, and the Center for Knowledge Societies -
Bangalore. Together they aim to create, test and develop new applications
and services that benefit non-elite communities in both urban and rural
environments across South Asia.
In addition to showcasing work done by the four organizations, the 
pavilion also represents other non-profit and commercial
initiatives. Represented NGOs include the Azim Premji Foundation, the
Kannada Ganaka Parishath, and ASCENT. Commercial enterprises include
N-Logue Communications based in Chennai, Mithi.Com from Pune, and
Bangalore's own Spinfosoft.com. VXL is providing a server and thin
clients for use on site. Interns from the Indian Institute of Journalism
and New Media and Mount Carmel College are also participating at the venue. 
The pavilion is reminiscent of a folk setting, including gunny, thatch,
and other natural fibers with folk art in contrasting earthen tones. It
has been designed by Mr. Suresh, director of Srujana, an NGO working with
artists and artisanal communities. Regional language software products
created by many of the above groups will be demonstrated using 7 computer
terminals and two LCD projectors.
After the Inauguration, the four founding fellows of The Development
Laboratory, Munira Sen (Madhyam), Ashish Sen (Voices), Sunil Abraham
(Mahiti.Org) and Aditya Dev Sood (CKS-B) will release a joint statement
on the use of Information Technology for Rural Development.
We would be honored if a representative from your organization could join
us for the inauguration ceremony and participate in the proceedings. As
this pavilion was specially created for the Development Laboratory by the
organizers of the BangaloreIT.com, it does not have a number. However, it
is located opposite the Bosch stall in Exhibition Hall 'B.' 
Aditya Dev Sood	Ashish Sen
Center for Knowledge Societies - Bangalore	Voices
+91.98440.87663	+91.80.521.3902
Sunil Abraham 	Munira Sen
Mahiti.Org	Madhyam
+91.80.535.2003	+

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