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Sagnik Chakravartty sagnik_chakravartty at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 9 09:58:50 IST 2001

Dear friends,
I am a regular member of reader-list.My alternative
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Please put this info on sarai reader list.

MAINSTREAM Current Affairs Weekly was founded 1962 by
Nikhil Chakravartty.
It reflected on the issues of the day. In its pages,
people from all walks of life wrote on subjects as
diverse from politics to arts.
Subhadra Joshi,Bansi Kaul,Alkazi,Govind
Vidyarthi,Mohan Kumaramangalam,Rashid Talib regularly
contributed articles in its pages in its formative
It played a leading role during the emergency when its
editor Nikhil Chakravartty wrote about freedom of the
press.He played a leading role in opposing the
Mainstream's journey still continues.... Those who
wish to subscribe to Mainstream can do so . Life
subcription is available in India for Rs 5000 for
individuals and Rs 8000 for institutions. Please add
Rs 20 to inland outstation cheques towards bank
charges;all remittances to Perspective Publications
Private Limited.

With best regards-
Sagnik Chakravartty        

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