[Reader-list] DMCA Sequel: The SSSCA

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Tue Sep 11 01:14:27 IST 2001

Congress Plans DMCA Sequel: The SSSCA
Posted by michael on Saturday September 08, @10:00AM
from the no-turing-devices-for-you dept.
Declan McCullagh writes: "If you thought the DMCA was a nightmare, wait
'til you find out what Congress is planning this fall. The sequel is
called the "Security Systems Standards and Certification Act," and it
requires PCs and consumer electronic devices to support "certified
security technologies" to be approved by the Commerce Department.
Backers of the SSSCA include Sen. Fritz Hollings (D-S.C.), who heads the
powerful Senate Commerce committee, and, reportedly, Disney. Wired News
has a report, and I've placed the SSSCA draft text (new! more criminal
penalties!) online here. D'ya think that maybe Congress doesn't like OSS
very much?" This is only a draft, not even introduced as a bill yet, but
it sends chills down my spine - this is the big one. If passed, it would
require all personal computers to have digital rights management built
in, under penalty of law.

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