philip pocock Philip.Pocock at t-online.de
Mon Sep 17 15:00:00 IST 2001

icons that deny the sanctity of life, even their own, inhabit a consciousness
as machinic as a jet  engine. such misguided messages and misdeeds point to
the shift from experiments in civilization, confusing americanization with
globalization, belief with actuality, and i use the word belief as a stronger
form for the word fiction.Underlying the crimes connected to all revolutions
in civilization, and civilization is provisional, time-based, is a revolution
in human consciousness, as 'foolish' as this might seem to some, it is a
political spirit rather than a political belief, or political opinion, which
is suffering, and it is political spirit which we see unifying disparate
parties, not so strange bedfellows when the question is that 'foolish' one of
unity on our planet, unity through difference, the rainbow coalition,
tolerance, openness, and responsibility.

Pradip Saha wrote:

> i am sorry to inform all the innocent people that the world may be round,
> but we are not one world. what is the use of fooling ourselves? the "crime
> against civilisation" has a long history.

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