[Reader-list] CNN footage of Palestinians celebrating is actually fake

Menso Heus menso at r4k.net
Mon Sep 17 16:42:39 IST 2001

On Mon, Sep 17, 2001 at 11:03:27AM +0200, philip pocock wrote:
> Menso Heus wrote:
> > This might come as a shock to you yet not all people on this world
> > share the same opinions, which is a good thing.
> what comes as a shock to me is your inability to respect the basic human right for
> any careful thoughtful founded accusatory stance, based on connected evidence rather
> than fragmented pathology.
> it is not opinion which you claim, but rather a tricky exchange of belief with fact,
> the danger of provoking, as all self-righteous blindness does,intolerant cultural
> bias, breeding hate in all forms, and backfiring on any valid intention which you
> may have began with before traveling up the wrong road.

Where the wrong road would be to criticize the way you flame
another list member for forwarding a post and calling any opinion
that is not yours rubbish while talking about how tolerance is such 
an important thing later in your posts, Philip? 

> > This does not, however
> > mean that we must call each other names and start screaming and yelling
> > at each other like little children.
> this is the level of your response?  are you numb to  humanity, cold to basic
> behavioural response, as mild as my disbelief DISCONTENT! was, as some sort of
> strategy of self-righteous indignation, rather than sensitivity to human nature. if
> you cannot, or decide to exploit, a simple mild human response, how can you comment
> on much greater tolerance?

Philip: the reason we are having this conversation is because, in my 
opinion, you showed quite some intolerance in your previous posting in
the first place. 

Now let's not take my reply to your posting, turn it 180 degrees around and
insinuate that I am numb to humanity. Your 'simple mild human response' was
a personal attack on the person that made the posting: *that* is what I do
not agree with. 
Wise man as you are, you have decided not to reply to that and deleted that 
section from your reply. 

> i would ask you is your political nature buried within your text driven by a
> distaste, conscious or unconscious, perhaps bordering on despising america,
> exchanging belief with actuality,  americanization with globalization, closed with
> open social tech?

And you were commenting on accusatory stances before? Come on Philip, 
I am sure you can do better than this!

> > Furthermore, I consider it quite rude of you to speak for 'the members' when
> > you do not know and not attempt to discover how they feel about this.
> your trivial pursuit here bores me to tears.

Your trivial response here, Philip, is not considered a very good saving 
throw, nor does it explain why you thought you were entitled to do so in
the first place. 

Anyway, I think this has taken long enough. I have stated my opinions
clearly and hope you now do understand what I meant in the first place.
Further reactions to this posting to the list I will ignore, if you
still have to say things please do so in private email as participating
in endless personal discussions is not what I want to do on any mailing-

Take care,


Anyway, the :// part is an 'emoticon' representing a man with a strip 
of sticky tape across his mouth.   -R. Douglas, alt.sysadmin.recovery

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