[Reader-list] Michael Moore on "terrorism"

philip pocock Philip.Pocock at t-online.de
Mon Sep 17 19:28:11 IST 2001

Ranjani Mazumdar wrote:

> From: Michael Moore
> Am I angry? You bet I am. I am an American citizen, and my leaders have
> taken my money to fund mass murder. And now my friends have paid the price
> with their lives.

i know and really like moore's concerned film documentaries, and i understand
that anger follows grief in such situations. anger hower requires a target to
fulfill its purpose.

invoking american history alone 'to fund mass murder' is a short circuit to
quicken anger when in fact there are so many events in interconnected histories
which can be invoked.

i wish him well and pointing fingers is rather arbitrary whether they satanize
americans or other groups with sweeping rhetoric.

it may be encouraging to some to find a fine american liberal and very talented
filmmaker in this sorrowful state of mind.

i wish him the very best and in time one may correct and learn from history (or
be as we know destined to repeat it).

please do not mistake the psychological profile of profound grief invoking blind
anger with any meaning beyond even a greater sign of loss and sadness.

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