[Reader-list] Edward Said on September 11

philip pocock Philip.Pocock at t-online.de
Mon Sep 17 20:47:44 IST 2001

i applaude said. thank you jeebesh.

Jeebesh Bagchi wrote:

> Edward Said
> Sunday September 16, 2001
> The Observer
> 'Islam' and 'the West' are simply inadequate as banners to follow
> blindly. Some will run behind them, but for future generations to
> condemn themselves to prolonged war and suffering without so much as a
> critical pause, without looking at interdependent histories of
> injustice and oppression, without trying for common emancipation and
> mutual enlightenment seems far more wilful than necessary.
> Demonisation of the Other is not a sufficient basis for any kind of
> decent politics, certainly not now when the roots of terror in
> injustice can be addressed, and the terrorists isolated, deterred or
> put out of business. It takes patience and education, but is more
> worth the investment than still greater levels of large-scale violence
> and suffering.
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