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let me begin with a cliché: i condemn violence, i condemn terrorism. i'll be 
honest, i'm not so strong to advocate violence, i'll be a loser in a violent 
game! i'll also be honest about another thing, (i'm risking my neck!!!): 
those two towers crumbling didnt leave me spellbound, they didnt look real, 
maybe it was a McMovie, or a McGame. i've seen these all before, isnt it 

i cannot understand the dichotomy between political spirit and political 
belief. maybe, political belief is fact while the spirit is fiction, an 
advertisement. i'd love to believe that we are one world (like the real 
thing!!!), but here i lie naked, SUCKED. and just before i collapse, i see 
the great neon and laser show, a promotional efffort by THE SUCKER: we are 
one world.

i see a total mindlessness in overlooking the political economy of 
globalisation. president bush looks like a junior school debator when he 
talks about the virtue of market and globalisation as the TOOL for wiping 
out global poverty. globalisation is americanisation, (please remember 
america is an icon of certain political belief, not political spirit), eu 
will wake up to a horrible morning one day. Twentieth century was a success 
for the enterprise, promotion of McBurger has been COMPLETE, we look forward 
to a successful McThinking within this century!

let me be serious about one thing: the successive governments in usa have 
been able to make the ONE WORLD as their playing field only because of a 
highly ill-informed us citizens (and selfish because of that certain 
political belief). people who cannot differentiate between an arab and a 
sikh! and i see now on CNN (obviously) that majority of americans support an 
all-out military assault on terrorism. i drink to that political spirit!!! 
ill-informed citizens dont realise that it will help the most reckless 
industry of the McCivilisation, longer, the better.

i urge the american civil society organisations and academia (supposed to be 
a great one but must be a failure in real terms as they cannot make any 
in-road among its constituency) to educate the citizens, to try to get them 
out of a "US and them" syndrome. the support of the ill-informed americans 
let their government divide the world into several worlds, the selfishness 
prompts them to leave all negotiating tables on sustainablity (remember 
senior bush in rio conference:"american lifestyle cannot be compromised")

we initially believed that we belonged to an one world, and we have been 
proved otherwise. so please dont bring in this line for convenience, like a 
safety valve. our political spirit is so stale that we cannot "just do it".

and i'll be honest once again: i condemn terrorism, violence and cruelty. i 
hated the pictures of Mai Lai as a young boy. i started liking the gulf 
images. and i think CNN has lost its edge, this time around they cannot 
start the real McMovie. anyway, i just heard the gem of a quote on tv: bush 
saying, "i want justice". i'm sure he can buy it somewhere.

i'm waiting. because when the war is over, it's gonna be one McWorld, and 
even the sucker wont survive.

i hope all those innocent people's souls rest in peace, and their dear ones 
to demand for a REAL solution.

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icons that deny the sanctity of life, even their own, inhabit a 
as machinic as a jet  engine. such misguided messages and misdeeds point to
the shift from experiments in civilization, confusing americanization with
globalization, belief with actuality, and i use the word belief as a 
form for the word fiction.Underlying the crimes connected to all revolutions
in civilization, and civilization is provisional, time-based, is a 
in human consciousness, as 'foolish' as this might seem to some, it is a
political spirit rather than a political belief, or political opinion, which
is suffering, and it is political spirit which we see unifying disparate
parties, not so strange bedfellows when the question is that 'foolish' one 
unity on our planet, unity through difference, the rainbow coalition,
tolerance, openness, and responsibility.

Pradip Saha wrote:

 > i am sorry to inform all the innocent people that the world may be round,
 > but we are not one world. what is the use of fooling ourselves? the 
 > against civilisation" has a long history.

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