[Reader-list] NOT-faked footage

Chris Mueller chrismueller at sprintmail.com
Tue Sep 18 00:13:06 IST 2001

Dear friends,

You may have recently received a message claiming that some recent TV news
footage was faked, footage of Palestinians dancing in the streets after the
recent terrorist attacks on the U.S.  The message claims that the images
were recycled from 1991.


CNN confirms that it was using footage from Tuesday, September 11, 2001,
provided by a Reuters camera crew.  The crew members were in danger of
their lives, because the Palestinians were very adamant that such footage
not be shot or shown.  For the full story, see this site, which also
contains links to several related items:

In addition, the person responsible for spreading this egregious falsehood
has recanted his original story.  For that change of heart, see this link:

Thanks, and let's stop the spread of lies, and keep the truth alive!

- Chris

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