[Reader-list] the liberal response

philip pocock Philip.Pocock at t-online.de
Tue Sep 18 14:50:43 IST 2001

Rana Dasgupta wrote:

> But I have to confess to wondering what the point of
> this stuff is right now.  Are we just trying to say to
> the US, "You deserved it"?  Are we attempting to
> remain above the sensationalism of the TV networks by
> saying "Chill out - it was always going to happen"?
> Or are we hoping that the US will temper its response
> as a result of these reminders of its own wrongs?

this is good thinking, simple basic focussed thinking.
the misuse of the notion of karma as some sort of timeless contextless
pingpong game is equivalent to the blame game of guilt giving and evokes
useless emotion that is a smokescreen for some sort of intolerance.  the
'you deserve it' routine is rootless, for action-reaction is the endless
chain that vedic karmic thinking is trying to escape not exploit for
casting blame. it is the same as newton attempted on a pragmatic and
physically abstract level.

the intolerance held in the soul of the blamer saying 'you deserved it'.
as one person on the list did, they owned up to why they backhandedly
praised bin laden, at least honestly displaying their troubled mind and
human numbness so that orientation and more importantly their own
soul-searching process may begin to heal their lazy anger. but usually
the answer to the question above is self-dishonety, cowardice and fear.

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