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A propos the problem of declaring "war" on an as yet unspecified enemy (or
on "evil" itself), I am reminded of an article which appeared in the
(London) Guardian in the "lull period" of August which mentioned a previous
war-declaration, whose aims were bigger than possibilities:

"[...]So when Charles Vansant was killed by a great white shark while
swimming off the New Jersey shore in July 1916, the news was met with
disbelief. Only when the same shark struck again six more times over a
12-day period - killing four people and at one point swimming 17 miles up an
inlet in search of its prey - did the horror sink in. A shocked President
Wilson ordered the coastguard to kill all the sharks off the east coast in a
"war on sharks" - an obviously impossible mission which was soon abandoned
after the rogue white shark was caught in a fishermen's net, killed and
split open to reveal the remains of its four human victims. "

-- the full story on shark hysteria, then and now:
{Melanie Cooke, Guardian, Wednesday September 5, 2001)

I've found this list very interesting and mind-expanding over the last few
weeks (that's not to say I've agreed with everything). Thanks very much!


Tim Diggins

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