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pratap pandey pnanpin at yahoo.co.in
Thu Sep 20 03:01:22 IST 2001

Now we knew that when not so Young Goodman Lenin (oh!
how the Man on the Hill is going to hate this, and
Hawthorne) went very, very late into the country
called Russia without even a majority opinion [think,
as Hobsbawm asks us to do: why is the October
Revolution the October Revolution? Didn't the Czar
abdicate in Feb. of that year?], he didn't know what
the fuck to do.
Yet, today, we could argue that the most important
event of the twentieth century was The Russian
Revolution. There followed an almost impeccable
balkanisation of the terrain that separated
(apparently evermore) commie Russia from the rest of
Western Europe (Enlightened, if you please;
Democratic, if you'd like to believe).
There was only one hitch in the Complete Paranoiac
Plan to Shut Russia Away, called CPPSRA: Central Asia.
Now Osama Bin Laden the designated (by the US, not me)
asshole of all time (as the US calls him, not me)has
apparently masterminded the strikes on the World
Whatever Towers and so justified a complete Christian
American "crusade" on terrorism that will result, I
think, on the US creating a complete, permanent,
Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Whatever militray base in 
central Asia.
The US wants to shut Russia out for all time to come
(no communist threats, forever; no International, as
happened in the US itself in 1880 -- all this is too
traumatic). It wishes to complete the barrier between
Russia, and the rest of the world. Also it wants to
place itself in the hitherto unpatrolled Central Asian
region for once and evermore (Compared to Edgar Allen
Poe, this Bush is completely Raven). This emplacement
is what will give the US true world or global
The US is desperate today. They have the Moral
Advantage (not the ethical imperative). This is their
Behind the emotional sabre-rattling lies an old
design. It is a design that Alexander (feeding on the
weakness of the Greek city-states that never recovered
from the Peloponesian War) tried to carry out. It is a
design that Napoleon thought possible (financed by the
Rothschilds). It is a design that Hitler believed in
(he made the same mistake that Napoleon made:
attacking Russia). It is a design that Stalin (a name
the cobbler Dzhugashvilli took upon himself, meaning
'Man of Steel')thought he ruled over and had the last
word on.

What is this design? Simply, World Conquest

Today the conquest of the world cannot take place
through Arms. It must take place via the Man ( that
Old Guy postmodernism has not been able to dislodge
and does notm. More insiduously, it must take place
via the control of finance capital. Even more
insiduously it must take place via the wants of the
rural elite that is intent upon destroying the signs
of its involvement in the project of becoming the
world power       

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