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philip pocock Philip.Pocock at t-online.de
Thu Sep 20 15:16:46 IST 2001

Sopan Joshi wrote:

> > > > Greetings All,
> > > > Subject: A view from Afghanistan
> > > > Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001
> Gary T.
> The Taliban are a
> cult of ignorant
> > psychotics

a sort of corresponding witness to the remark i made concerning the
tasteless bin laden remark made in response to a postive remark about
pakistan. since i have asked for comment from those who at length
protested my response to that hypercynical socially unacceptable
statement concerning bin laden, asking for their position on the most
indecent mail i have ever read on any list i have attended, and ano
response from the list moderator and one other who protested my comment
on that vicious psychopathic mail (see above comment) i will galdly
remove my name from here, as an art and design professor in germany and
a longstanding artist working with networks dating back to remote video
performances and a cyberroad movie in the canadian arctic online in 1995
http://www.dom.de/acircle, leading a team to make another project in
africa, uganda along the equator produced by documenta x
http://aporee.org/equator/ and recently proposing and writing up and
collaborating on a remapping of cinema and south america, sponsored by
the zkm karlsuhe, museum of modern art paris and several other
international spaces as a way to introduce myself by leaving a trace
before leaving this list on humanitarian gorunds.

i wish those good luck with their intolerance and secret agendas,
anti-american prophetering, all of which deny the solution to problems
and are only fog in the illusion  as the bhagavad gita begins 'assembled
on the field of dharma'. 'w' bush is only a mayic illusion and the
enemy, so-called as well, both, in fact the many puzzle peices out of
joint in this event are 'assembled' of the field of the 'soul' the
dharma. it is the meta level of aggression and hate, the hiding behind
political ideology which is the problem and if one is clear the illusion
as both oppositions are not opposotions and are in fact assembled, come
togeter on the field of dharma, which in this instance is the political
spirituality that the few members protesting me and protecting indecency
ignore and remain deep in the illusion and fog as intended by the evil
at work. but below all that there is dharma and soul and spirit as
unpopular as that may sound to some.

i will not protest any more. i wish those who support a human indecency
so base that i must protest by leaving will find some enlightenment
rather than encouragement. there are many places to be and no list is
indeispensible. i have enjoyed many mails particularly practical ones
concerning software and hacker situations in india. i have been very
disappointed with the discussion of cinema on this list, and the
emergence on potentially new hypercinematic forms that defy authorship
and replace an aethetic of consumption with participation (this being my
intention in joining the sarai list in the beginning as i am involved in
a large future of cinema curatorial team at zkm karlsruhe) and in months
i have not found here any useful urls or project descriptions of multi-
and nonlinear hypernarrative, hypermedial, ongoing net-based documentary
of fictional low budget events collaborations or future ideas from sarai
most disappointingly.

clearly concerns are otherwhere, i will not venture to guess where that
is but only wish the moderators the best of conceptual fortune with
their level and attitude of engagement possible. and as a net person i
understand the provisional nature of experience and outlook and in no
way am i speaking absolutely. it is just against my human spirit and
political spirit (not ideoloagy) to remain in this space right now and
there are other positive less hateful rhetoric and manipulation of
intellectual data to attend right now.

get below party and power politics, cultural theory and reealize it is
at that level 'assembling on the field of dharma... what did they do?',
it is the answer to that question which constitutes the entire bhagavad
gita where one realizes  opposition is an illusion, irrelevent that i
hate george bush, in fact damaging to deepening the discusion on the
level the problem is infecting, and it is the field of the spirit of
things which is the thing, basic human decency and antibody building to
the viral warmakers in our midst as the consensual global immune
response that strengthens the health of the political spirit not the
divisionary tactics of old fashioned power politics which is not
addressed here very often.

i hope that the focus on cnn, bush and bin laden looks back to the
bhagavad gita ond yogic philosophy in connection to all great pursuits
in thought. the dali lama's book "interconnectedness of all thihs" and
the scurrilous 'from watergate to the garden of eden' and other
'electronic revolution' essays by ginsberg come to mind from but the top
of my head, and there find that the rhetoric diffusion here is not on
the level of need, just a smoke screen a foucaultian fog hiding some
secret agendas for illusionary power politics, which will of course be
addressable when the assembly on the field is recongnized and that means
human decency, not tacit blame-based 'understanding' for purely
psychopathic and sociopathic misdeeds. this look to america as some sort
of deserving victim, is against the meaning of karma. that bin laden was
'created' by america is a myth og power politics, there is a chain of
wrongdoing and one could invoke stalin and the stasi as impetous for the
american misdeeds, and so on. it is escape from this cycle not the
rationalization of blame and revenge that karmic teaching expounds.
karma asks as well for the release from this linear action-reaction

enough, good by, my mail address is philip.pocock at t-online.de. let me
know if there is any response to my protest of the human indecency which
resulted in protests to my cellurar gut response as an antobody to war,
particularly viral war. i remain open and busy, virulent and tolerant.

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