[Reader-list] Call for Papers **Electronic Publishing**

Harsh Kapoor aiindex at mnet.fr
Sun Sep 23 22:56:04 IST 2001

Call for Papers
**Electronic Publishing**

The editors of Academic.Writing, CCC online, Enculturation, Kairos, and
The Writing Instructor seek submissions for a special multi-journal
issue on "Electronic Publishing." Projects may address but are not
limited to these possible topics:

Academic.Writing,  "Literacy, assessment, disciplinarity "
* Web sites in Rhetoric and Composition and their relationship to
* Post-print literacies and assessment.
* Journal websites as advertising for print.
* Electronic publishing and virtual/visual rhetorics/literacies.

CCC-online, "Tenure and promotion"
* The value of electronic publications in terms of the job market,
tenure, merit pay, etc.
* The value of editing e-journals for the above.
* Ethos and electronic publishing.
* The relationship between e-journals and academic presses and their
role in tenure and promotion.

Enculturation,  "Hypertext and academic criticism"
* Have we exhausted the academic possibilities of hypertext?
* Are hypertext and academic discourse incompatible? "Where are the
(critical) hypertexts?"
* How (via what criteria) should we assess and/or edit (such) an
electronic text?
* What role should journals play in the transition from page to screen?
Only traditional editing? Strictly purveyors of form and presentation?

Kairos, "Archiving and historicity"
* Histories of electronic publishing in the discipline (journals and web
* Issues of collaboration in writing/editing for the web.
* Libraries, archives, databases and electronic publishing.

Writing Instructor, "Viability and institutionality"
* The Pros, Cons, Challenges, and Opportunities of Going Digital.
* Relationships among Journals, Departments, and Universities.
* Legal and Economic Issues of Electronic Publication.
* The Politics of Reaching across Disciplinary and Digital Boundaries.

IN ADDITION to academic writing, we are interested in narratives or
editorials regarding positive or negative experiences with review
committees or editorial boards; musings about the impact of the Internet
on print journals or thoughts for future engagements; multi-media
projects; reviews of relevant web sites/projects; reviews of e-journals.

All submissions DUE by November 15, 2000. Please send submissions to:
bhawk at gmu.edu, or

Byron Hawk c/o Enculturation
George Mason University
English Department (MSN 3E4)
4400 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030

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