[Reader-list] Perceptions on the street.

Frederic Madre fmadre at wanadoo.fr
Mon Sep 24 13:35:14 IST 2001

At 11:17 24/09/2001 +0530, Jeebesh Bagchi wrote:
>If people on reader-list could recount their conversations on the streets

the day after the blow I went to the haidresser's. since the last time I went the shop owner had replaced playing the local student radio station with two tv sets and was showing the news. I don't know how many times I saw the planes crash into the towers over my hair being cut. anyway, when I went to the counter to pay the commentators voice said "the most powerful country in the world", the hairdresser put his hand over his smiling mouth and said "they got their ass properly kicked, the most powerful country in the world!". I smiled back.

one of the state tv stations has a special show where people are able to complain about biased treatment of the news during the week. yesterday it was, again, about the blow. it opened right away with a bloke in his 40s who was saying that when he heard of the news (although he was sad about the victims) he was overtly glad that this had happened. Then he went on explaining that unfortunately he was unable to be present (with other people) during the minutes of silence, otherwise he would have interrupted. still he did not get out of his way to demonstrate and make a noise. he was complaining that the tv news never showed anybody like him and that lots of people he knew were much more agressive than he was towards america, it was a shame tv did not express their opinions.

a friend who is a high school teacher of economics said that it was near impossible to get the 15 year olds to respect the silence order.


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