[Reader-list] poem

Ravikant ravikant at sarai.net
Sat Sep 29 15:35:54 IST 2001

I wish to share with the list a melancholic poem a friend of mine sent to me:


Come September 
by Amitabh Trehan (a_trehan at hotmail.com)

in your beautiful eyes,
I now see fear-
the same eyes
that bounded joyfully
across the highways,
across the subways,
that smelled the colours
of the cosmopolitan
and enjoyed each flavour
as if a new flower
in Spring,
now dart across, suspiciously,
at each stranger,
at each corner of the subway
that was bright before
but now even its lights
have long shadows
and each shadow long knives,
at each suitcase,
as if it were about to explode,
at each building,
as if it were about to collapse
and its dead heap
conceal your body,
as if they would then tire
with their long vigil
under the rubble
awaiting hope
of another sunrise,
of a single torch light
shining the road to survival,
at each flower,
as if it were a strange object.

They dart across,
your lovely lovely eyes,
because they have no place,
no place to rest,
not one.

Come September,
my darling,
the romance is over,
your mascara is tinged,
this autumn-winter season,
the fashion is terror.

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