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Supreet Sethi supreet at sdf.lonestar.org
Sun Dec 1 00:16:38 IST 2002

Probably what I am understanding of your article or essay is wrong so I   
need clarification on certain words and constructs
1) What does Alternative mean here
2) How does it offer a critique of universal principles laid down by
3) Is this essay making a claim that the mathematical model on which
computeres and many electronic devices is wrong. Finite autmata as a model
has been used over and over again and is considered a thoroughly 
understood subject                                         
Is there any sort of study on which problems/solution scenerios are beyond
computational margins.
Could you point me to the texts which cover this topic well.
It would be even better if you could point to a live problem/solution
sceneario where hardware/software constraints could be made glaringly
As you have already stated in your easy about neural network, I would like
to push the discussion around that topic. Neural network approach to
computing does not base its treatment of data not on the basis of preset  
algorithm but rely on a learning of certain types of data and computing on
basis of shift of synaptic weights.
Minsky wrote a doctorate thesis at princeton which sort of dealt with
topic of neural networks.
In 1967 Minsky wrote a book called Computation: Finite and Infinite
Machines which put "neural networks" in context of automata theory and the
theory of computation 
Would like hear more on this                
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