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Tripta tripta at sarai.net
Tue Dec 3 19:32:06 IST 2002

Sarai (www.sarai.net) hosted the first Tactical Media Lab. It was an event 
that brought together, practitioners, programmers, activists, artists and 
others from Delhi, Dehradun, Dhaka, Kathmandu, Mumbai and Tehran. We had 
the opportunity to listen to presentations about a number of different 
projects, that ranged from Indymedia Mumbai, to Linux Iran and Farsi KDE, to 
the Sarai Ankur Cybermohalla project, and the Open Circle projects. 

A group of us also participated in a three day 'Print and Web' for campaigns 

Also, a large number of questions, ranging from the importance of free 
speech, to the social implications of free software culture, the issues 
facing localization of software in various languages, to the limitations of 
the language of 'ICT for Development' were debated threadbare.

We came away with the desire to sustain and deepn these conversations, and to 
carry forward possibilities of collaboration, that we hope will eventually 
lead to the holding of such Tactical Media Labs in different locations in 
Asia, and towards the formation of a coalition or network of Tactical Media 
Initiatives in the Asian Region.

We also feel the need to ask and reflect on the different modalities of 
tacticla media, what do we mean by the term even, and work out mechanisms of 
support, feedback and networking for all the work that we are doing in our 
specific locations.

With this in view, we have decided to constitute a discussion list for to be 
called, tml-list at sarai.net.

We invite all of you to join this list and carry forward our conversations.

Looking forward to interesting postings, animated discussion, and concrete 


Shekhar and Tripta

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