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Tripta tripta at sarai.net
Thu Dec 5 01:23:22 IST 2002

Dear all,

half bakery is a forum which also users to intiate discussions around Ideas. 
The following discussion on Open source movies is very interesting. Though it 
seems like a frivilous conversation at a superficial glance...it reflects on 
the understandings, sensibilities and entry of `Open Source' ideas into other 
social, cultural, artistic practices: the resistance posed, the arguements 
made and the future projections.



h a l f b a k e r y
You could have thought of that.

The Open Source Movie Project

The Open Source Movie Project 

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A movie where the script is public domain, and anybody can work on it (until 
it's filmed, of course). All contributions are considered public domain, and 
anybody can build on anybody else's ideas. Eventually, the best of 
everybody's contributions will be pieced together into a single, spectacular 
script. Of course, the acting will probably suck...
ravenswood, Apr 26 2001

Planet Quake http://www.planetquake.com
This site is a shining example of the wierd things people do when given enough 
open source style rights. [Aristotle]

Because it says so in the script http://www.halfbake...n_20the_20script_22

Have you heard of the Quake movie communities? They exist in much the same way 
as the Quake modelling communities but for movies. They could work like this 
just as people openly contribute models, skins, sounds and animations for 
Quake models.
Aristotle, Apr 26 2001
I don't understand how open source works best, but it seems like it's really 
kicking when people choose to take and leave which features they want or 
invent entirely new ones. So, you end up with thousands of individualized 
programs cut, ostensibly, from the same cloth. "Open-sourcing" a movie seems 
like it would miss the point of the whole process, since you end up with one 
product to which everyone has contributed, but which no one likes.
Or, perhaps, I'm missing the point.
centauri, Apr 26 2001
Is this like a camel (A horse designed by a committee)?
UnaBubba, Apr 26 2001
More like an elephant (a mouse designed by committee).
sirrobin, Apr 26 2001
Great idea! It could be called "It's a Half-Baked Baked Baked World," and ... 
hey ... anybody else just get a chill down their spine?
Dog Ed, Apr 26 2001
Yeah, I'm freezing and I think it would be called "It's a Half, Half, 
Half-baked World."

The result would be something like the median of all the contributors. 
Reminding me of that stoopid show, Family Feud, wherein the contestants had 
to guess what an earlier polling of the audience showed to be the most 
average answer.

Another analogy would be anyplace without zoning laws (think Houston). Sheesh.
noggins, Apr 26 2001

I think this is a great idea! It would have to be a full fledged program in 
order to work... ... or it would make an interesting premiere plugin- I'm 
game, this would be hot-!
wingo, May 22 2001

((was mfd - mfd tag removed))

This is similar to Rods's idea (see link), but his is better, so I'm going to 
kill this one.
I don't know if Rods had this in mind when he created his, but, if he did, 
then I'm glad that he was able to build upon the foundation I laid. If not, 
then I guess he's Leibnitz to my Newton (or something).
This idea will be pruned by me on Monday.
ravenswood, Jan 25 2002
Well hang on not so fast there sunny (with showers later and it'll be getting 
dark tonight). I think there's an important distinction between yours and 
mine, as it were. Yours sort of serves to highlight the chaos and 
free-for-all that true open source would offer, but it would also be a lot 
more variable than mine. It'd also be a movie, whereas mine's a tv series. 
What I really had in mind was an intentional 'process' that a participant 
would have to work through in order to participate, whereas yours offers 
solid gold easy access, in an almost direct manner. Mine's turned into an 
emphasis on the script being the end result medium - yours would (I'm 
confident) go that small step further and actually become a movie. I reckon 
they're discrete. Don't delete just because people see more of a similarity 
than I think there actually is.
Rods Tiger, Jan 25 2002
I second that, I would like time to absorb both and see them develop. They may 
actually influence each other but what do I know?
po, Jan 25 2002
OK, instead of mfd, I'll mark this one "gasping".
ravenswood, Jan 25 2002
kiss of life, ravenswood.....
po, Jan 25 2002

centauri, opensource isnt all the same. you could license something in such a 
way that new products could not be based on the existing one.
ironfroggy, Apr 01 2002
An open source movie wouldn't have to only be a collaborative project. One 
could take the script, re-write it and shoot it themselves. The filming could 
even be open sourced. People could supply the source tapes of their film to 
anyone who wanted to edit all or part of the movie. There could be many 
different versions of the movie around. People could even take parts of each 
version they liked and make their own version. This could be possible since 
editing software and video equipment has gotten so much cheaper and simpler 
than it used to be. It would be like a fan film based on a movie or show, 
except it would be legal and neither the original or the derivitive work 
would be considered canon. It could be very messy but also very interesting.
Jeremy S, Jun 07 2002

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