[Reader-list] TML issues on Sarai Reader List

Tripta tripta at sarai.net
Thu Dec 5 12:40:40 IST 2002

Dear all,

It is a very unfortunate event that misunderstandings created due to
technical issues and lack of communication have been brought out on a
platform (such as the Reader List) meant for discussions and conversations in
the public domain.

I am referring here to Shekhar Krishnan's posting in response to my welcome
message to people who have been subscribed on to the TML (Tactical Media Lab)
list on sarai.net

I would like to express my personal regret and apologies for having played a
part (in good faith) in all of this, and I hope that they will be accepted. I
also hope that all those who have expressed their displeasure, to having
their names appended to statements will also display an adequate generousity
of the spirit, and return to the task at hand, which is the initiation of the
TML list.

The Tactical Media Lab was hosted at Sarai recently and this event witnessed
the coming together of issues, imaginations, informations and technologies
from diverse groups, sections and experiences. The conversations were potent,
with ideas which everyone felt should be carried on further so as to give
them a tangible shape. And hence, the consenus in an open panel at the end of
the three days was to start a mailing list which will not only discuss the
issues that came up at the TML at Sarai but also discuss the future
possibilities of Tactical Media in our region.

Sarai offered to host the mailing list on it's server and Shekhar Krishnan
offerred to moderate the list. I was given the task of the technical
administration of the list at Sarai. However due to some technical problems
with the Sarai mail server, the list did not take off immediately, as was
originally intended.

Once the problems with the mail server, the archives and the management of
the various lists were sorted I wrote to the designated list moderator more
than once, mentioning the need for a welcome message.

Since none was forthcoming, even after a fortnight after the TML event,  I
took the step  (which I now regret) of writing a brief welcome message, which
by no means was intended to spell out the 'editorial' agenda of the list. I
apologize for my sending off this message, which I agree, was done in haste,
(though fifteen days is a long time). Shekhar and I were both listed as
signatories to this statement. Shekhar's name was mentioned as he retains all
the content and editorial rights as the list-moderator. In my understanding
this continues to be the case, and I am co-administering the list, and
looking after its technical management on the Sarai server.

This step was undertaken in good faith to keep the momentum of what we had
all enjoyed being a part of at the TML going,  and to continue the
conversations. Hopefully, we can put this initial hiccup behind us and
continue doing what we had all agreed to do on the TML list.

I look forward to everyone's active participation on the TML list, and
apologize once again to the Reader List for having to witness something that
is not germane to the Reader List.


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