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Wed Dec 4 20:47:40 IST 2002

Paradise on a River of Hell

a film by Meenu Gaur & Abir Bazaz     

The violence Kashmir witnessed in the 1990s shattered human dignity and changed everyday life beyond recognition. Years of insurgency and counterinsurgency not only interrupted the continuity of Kashmiri lives but forced Kashmiris into roles in which they no longer recognize themselves. Not attempting to situate the 1990s in this or that event, person, space or time, the film’s mappings of personal and collective memories bears witness to Kashmir’s historical solitude. 

We invite you to the screening of our film, Paradise on a River of Hell at THE AUDITORIUM, INDIA HABITAT CENTRE on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7TH at 7:00 PM. There’d be readings from Kashmiri poetry before the screening. 

Please forward the invitation to those of your friends in Delhi who might be interested in the film. Thanks.

Meenu Gaur 
Abir Bazaz

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