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Questions from a fascistI'm a member of various lists as well and the debates can get quite heated and abusive at times. (it's happened here at Sarai as well). For issues that concern me, I reply politely, but firmly, regarding my views. If a civil response comes thru, I continue. If I get abuse, I ignore (and press delete). I find it a waste of time and energy responding to abusive people. 

Anjali, you sent back a polite reply to the first email from Bhatia. He responded with abuse. Why waste time on him anymore? They're more intersting battles to pick! 

Best wishes,

PS: In his original mail, Bhatia wrote Reason I ask is - my family (and other Hindu Sindhis) were driven out of it's place of work in Bombay recently by Muslims who did not want Hindus doing business in "their" area.

??? I live in Bombay and I'm quite sure he's bluffing. Just think -- if true, the Shiv Sena would take this issue to town! I don't seem to have heard from Thackeray or Advani (he's a "Hindu Sindi" too) yet ;-)

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  Dear all , 
  Sorry for sending this bad language but I received these mails from this guy Sanjay Bhatia and  I have no idea how he got my email , or how he started receiving my mails from another list I have called Multitudes.  I found his initial tone offensive and therefore probably responded childishly -however it just proves the racism within the American Indian Diaspora is at large . The below is the last email this idiot sent and following are the previous mails and my responses. 
  Anjalika Sagar

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