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1st update online
"Current Positions of French Netart"

the new exhibition on Javamuseum -
Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art
(Java = Joint Advanced Virtual Affairs)

These 10 artists are new in the show:
Annie Abrahams, Cathblue, Oliver Auber
Gérard Dalmon, Philippe Bruneau
Les Riches Douaniers, Amande In
Vincent Makowski, Xavier Makowski, Aurélie Peyront


When art is defined as world art, as a  form of intercultural
without national boarders, when art uses the World Wide Web as a medium and
environment in a global context, is it allowed then to connect art or this
exhibition, in particular,
to the aspect of nationality?

Netart coming from France is widely unknown, yet. This has different
reasons. Like in some other countries, this new form of contemporary art
seems also in
this country not well accepted yet, which is also underlined by the fact
that only a few institutions of art and higher education exist
mainly focussed on art and New Media,
but most relevant seems to be that different from other forms of
contemporary art, language and its various forms plays an essential role in

The most accepted  and dominating language for global communication, the New
Media and the Internet, represents, however, English.

In this global context, language changed its meaning, its function goes far
beyond  of expressing merely national identity,  even if is it did not loose
this aspect on a local level.

Under these conditions one might ask: can Netart using language as a tool
for expressing national identity be defined as art or Netart, at all, or
does rather particularly this use probably enable new forms of expressing
which can be understood on a non-verbal level also by people who do not
speak the respective national language?

The show "Actual Positions of French Netart" makes it evident, there are a
lot of talented artists who take the challenges and chances the Internet
offers by creating art works which include strong conceptual components
manifested in most individual ways.

Some of them use exclusively their native language, others try  a bi-lingual
way, and a third group takes the global aspect of the Internet and expresses
itself in English.

Even if not all works can be understood by a non-francophone, the original
and individual multimedia approach will impress by offering new aspects and

As an ongoing project the show is based on an open call in Internet.
It will accept also in future at any
time submissions of new artists which are not yet presented in the
exhibition, in order to stay most actual and updated.

Following 25 artists are participating currently:

Gregory Chatonsky, Cendres Lavy, Christophe Bruno, PATRICK-HENRI BURGAUD,
Tamara Lai, Erational, Antoine Schmitt
Xavier Malbreil,  Thierry Vendé, jimpunk, Xavier Cahen, Pacale Gustin
Emilie Pitoiset, Fred Fenollabbate, Cecile Babiole
Xavier Leton, Christoph Bruno/Jimpunk,
Isabel Saij, Ulrich Mathon, Hughes Rochette
Michael Sellam, Pascal Bruandet, Blue Screen, Pauline Desormière,
Nicolas Clauss, Annie Abrahams, Cathblue, Oliver Auber
Gérard Dalmon, Philippe Bruneau
Les Riches Douaniers, Amande In
Vincent Makowski, Xavier Makowski, Aurélie Peyront

"Current Positions of French Netart"
is an online show
realized and curated by Agricola de Cologne.
Copyright © 2002. All rights reserved.
Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art
(JAVA= Joint Advanced Virtual Affairs)
info at javamuseum.org
press at javamuseum.org

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