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CMAC and Breakthrough Present
Haman Hai Ishq
Evoking Our Pluralistic Tradition in a Confluence of the Image and Song
A Haku Shah and Shubha Mudgal Collaboration

Renowned painter, Haku Shah and well-known musician Shubha Mudgal have come 
together in a unique collaboration, Haman Hai Ishq, where they delve into 
our cultural roots of religious pluralism through art and medieval 
devotional poetry.
Haku Shah, a painter, cultural anthropologist and author of international 
repute, has created a vibrant kaleidoscope of work based on poetry by 
well-known medieval Bhakti and Sufi poets like Kabir, Meera, Rabea, Pemi and 
others. He has, for the first time, created digital works along with his 
paintings, bringing together different elements and material into the visual 
interpretation of the abstract.
Well known musician and composer, Shubha Mudgal has brought together an 
exciting body of work based on medieval poetry (which has inspired Haku's 
Shah's art), and is rendering this poetry to music. This collaboration will 
result in a series of exhibition concerts, a catalog with art and essays on 
religious pluralism and a music album.

The Event opens with the exhibition of Haku Shah's paintings and digital 
works and a Concert By Shubha Mudgal
Date of the Opening: 22nd December 2002
Time: 6.15 PM
Venue: Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Center, Lodi Road, New Delhi

Exhibition on view till the 28th of December

Phone Numbers: CMAC: 26498977,26498106
		   Breakthrough: 26012070, 26012080
   Art Indus: 26883738

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