[Reader-list] Some difference in viewpoints

Cyril Gupta cyril at cyrilgupta.com
Sat Dec 21 04:46:56 IST 2002


I don't share exactly your views.. There are several important differences.

God as a higher form of life (not an omnipotent super-being). Maybe an 
alien life form that played a role in our existence and we regard that as 
god. (x. Robots if intelligent enough or if programmed to might consider 
their creators as god).

I don't think God governs our life, or believe in things like heaven and hell.

I don't believe that God punishes the sinners or rewards the pious people. 
(corollary of the earlier point.)

I don't believe God is listening to our prayers.

I don't believe in prophets or that God has outlined a code of conduct for 
us as provided in the scriptures.

I don't believe in religion.

In other words, strip all Godlike powers from God. What you have left is my 
interpretation of God.

It is possible that God is dead.

God might as well be a human invention.

To understand what I am suggesting, please try and read Arthur C Clarke's 
2001 a Space Odyssey, and look for the aliens who arrive on Earth in the 
beginning of time, they might as well be our Gods.


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