[Reader-list] Palladium/TCPA Consequences

Pankaj Kaushal penguinhead at linux-delhi.org
Sat Dec 21 03:12:05 IST 2002

On Fri, Dec 20, 2002 at 01:51:05PM +0000, Supreet Sethi wrote:
Supreet Sethi> One thing I know about TCPA is that it is flawed. In fact full of them.
Supreet Sethi> Will post the authentication and encryption mechenism of TCPA and 
Supreet Sethi> plaladium.
Supreet Sethi> 
Supreet Sethi> 
Supreet Sethi> BTW TCPA and palladium are not the same. They are definately realted but 
Supreet Sethi> but not same. So you can't write it as Palladium/TCPA or use it as 
Supreet Sethi> interchangeble terms.

	I think I explained both of them. writing Palladium/TCPA
	dsnt mean i am using them interchangebly if this is a 
	english grammer rule I dont know of please enlighten.
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