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Isn't flood control one of the functions the Tipaimukh dam is meant to 
serve? Although flood-control and power generation from the same dam are 
usually incompatible objectives.

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>Dear Sarai Readers,
>It is true that the completion of the much awaited Tipaimukh Project will 
>meet the ever-growing requirements of power for the city-dwellers of the 
>Barak Valley. But on the other hand, it would displace thousands of rural 
>folk, who would loose their land in the catchment area of the dam. This 
>would create havoc for them. Will they get adequate rehabilitation ?
>As the dam site is located on the trijunction of the three states - 
>Manipur, Assam and Mizoram, it would involve rehabilitation of the dam 
>oustees of the three states.
>I hope the Central Govt. will take a macro view while going ahead with the 
>construction work of the Tipaimukh Dam.
>Thousands of forested  and agro land will come under the dam area thereby 
>such a valuable source will be lost.
>One tends to think- for whose development the rural folk are going to 
>sacrifice their land. It is for the development of urbanism that the 
>Tipaimukh Dam will be built. This would ensure uninterrupted power supply 
>for the city dwellers of silchar and adjoining areas so that the 
>syhlleti/cachari/dimasa/bishnupriya manipuri urban families can sleep in 
>peace and reap the benefits accruing from the construction of the dam. But 
>what about the tribes inhabiting Tipaimukh ? They would loose their land 
>and also their rich culture.
>One solution is there-
>Why not we built small micro dams which would benefit both rural and urban 
>folk and not create a conflict between the two? This is the alternative 
>suggested by Medha Patkar's Narmada Bachao andolon. Other alternatives-
>Rain Water harvesting, traditional check dams to tap power. Solar energy 
>should be encouraged instead.
>Please feel free to write on this contagious issue.
>Sagnik Chakravartty
>(M A student of Broadcast Journalism)IIIrd Sem
>Makhanlal Chaturvedi Rashtriya Patrakarita Vishwavidyalaya
>Madhyam Noida Campus
>Contact Number- 011-26967201
>Mail- broadcaster at syhlleti.org
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