[Reader-list] To all the researchers posting on the reader-list

Monica Narula monica at sarai.net
Tue Dec 24 18:47:23 IST 2002

Dear researchers,

This list is a public list.
There are many subscribers - approx. 600 members - to this list and 
we value their online time and mailboxes.
Your postings are obviously to invite everyone to comment and engage 
with your research.
The postings on your research can not be a posting of proposals 
(since there is no one on the list you are proposing to :-)) but 
working ideas and concepts which are accessible and interesting to a 
wider public.

Further there are some important posting guidelines:
1. Please post in simple text. (Use the Notepad application in 
Windows as a via media for all text)
2. Please do not send attachments.
3. Please write a clear and short description in the subject line. 
This is an archived list 
(http://mail.sarai.net/mailman/pipermail/reader-list), so please 
understand that what you write under the subject is all that people 
will have to access the ideas of anything you have written.
4. Please wait and see that your posting has reached, before hitting 
the send button again and again.

List admin

Monica Narula
Sarai:The New Media Initiative
29 Rajpur Road, Delhi 110 054

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