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Is there a connection between EARTHQUAKES and HEADACHES?
They are slightly similar words - and don't people get headaches when
earthquakes are near?
Is the connection Electromagnetic Fields?
I have just heard of many people somewhere in America (I think these are
Native American people) going to doctors with slight head and back troubles
and they are being diagnosed with Lung Cancer (are Chemtrails involved in
this?), and they are dying very, very quickly - within two weeks of
diagnosis in some cases.
Is this all being deliberately targeted with advanced EMF equipment from
(and connected with Chemtrail spraying?)

Has anyone got graphs of:
1]  General increases of Cancer worldwide, 1900-2000?
2]  General increases of EMF pollution worldwide, 1900-2000?
There may be a direct relationship.

Then, I think you're talking about deliberate disruptive use of EMF, or
Scalar, etc. - that's another area.

I just wrote this reply - below - into the mail list for

<<  Now see this animation and notice how that same
area is hotter. Are those radars to blame?  >>

Radar was randomly (?) causing many spacecraft to crash across America fifty
years ago - 1947 to 1954. If radar could do that then, what is radar capable
of now?

A hunch has been coming to me for several months as I've collected
information to fight the proposed installation of a powerful (500KW) radio
antennae in our beautiful bay, that perhaps the great increase in the
incidence of asthma over the past several decades may be directly related to
the huge increase of EMF pollution worldwide, since around the 1940s. Radio
'Free Europe' in Germany is being shut down by the German government,
because of the very high percentage of cancer in the population of the
nearest town: Valley.

I have just heard of a part of the USA where full-blood natives are going to
their doctor with slight head and back aches - and they are being diagnosed
with Lung Cancer, and they are dying within a very short period of time
(i.e. two weeks) of being diagnosed.


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Yesterday there was 179 quakes on the chart; today there is 313. That's just
central Alaska
Notice, below, today's quake summary from USGS

Next, let's look at a NORMAL PLANETARY MAGNETIC FIELD GRAPH--The way it's
supposta be:


Okay, now I'll leave interpretations up to you all

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