[Reader-list] the education debate

polly hazarika pollyhazarika at rediffmail.com
Tue Dec 31 15:25:23 IST 2002

The debate on education in India has been of late caught in a set of non-negotiable binaries. The instances of Germany and now Gujarat only point to the way in which the cycle, can be and is repeated. If today the B.J.P. is removed from power, there is no guarantee that the history of the country, or the world for that matter will not be ‘rewritten’ again by the powers that be. 
The much more troubling and important question is what is this 'education' that is so easy to manipulate politically? What notion do we have of our children that we have only a system of mass-production to deal with their emotional and intellectual needs? 
If these questions are asked seriously and any attempt is made to find answers, it is possible that the debate can go beyond right and left wing accusations and counteraccusations.

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